• Well hi there!

    In case you haven't heard yet, things are a little crazy right now. So instead of seeing each other in the classroom, I have some things for you to do while you are at home. All you have to do is go to this page and add yourself to my Google Classroom for your grade level, and that's it! All the assignments will be there for you after you log in. This week, 2nd and 3rd grade have music assignments, so I hope you are able to get them finished very quickly.

    Last, if it's not your week for music, I have some links here for extra practice and games.

    If you need assistance, please email me and I'll respond as soon as possible. I will be answering messages between 9-10am and 1-3pm.

    Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon and see your work get turned in as soon as possible!

    Mr. Willett

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