• ****Per Marion County School District: Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.****




    Owl  Hello Parents and Students! Welcome to my teacher homepage! 

    First and foremost, I pray you are all staying well and healthy! That is our number one priortity for ourselves! Continue practicing social distancing, taking precautionary measures, sanitize and wash your hands often, eat healthy, take your vitamins and take care of you and your family! As overwhelming as this NEW experience for ALL of us can be, (even me) please try to be patient as we learn and get through this together! We all know new experiences and exposure to new things can be overwhelming and nerve-racking but we are all in this TOGETHER! I too, have been teaching myself new things in just the past 2 days to get all of this up and running so PLEASE, do NOT hesistate to reach out and ask for help! Below are some important things to remember! 



    Communication - We will be communicating mainly through Class Dojo as we have been all year. That will not change, so please continue to look at Class Dojo for personal messages or class posts from me for updated information! Please continue to message me on Class Dojo for requests for parent teacher conferences or any questions and/or concerns you may have! I will be using my teacher webpage and Google Classroom as my main dashboard for uploading Weekly Assignments. Once I am able to get ALL of my students to join my Google Classroom, that will be the main dashboard I use. Updates and comments with my students will also be used on Google Classroom.


    Office HoursMy office hours will be Monday through Friday, 10-11 AM & 1-2 PM. Please feel free to contact me through my school email samantha.kral@marion.k12.fl.us  or Class Dojo and I will respond to you promptly! 



    Assignments- Assignments will be due every Friday. Your kiddos will have 5 days to complete their assignments from Monday to Friday. Assignments for the students will be accessible through their Marion County Portal by using their username and password to sign into their portal. Each student should already have their username and password as it is the same as they have been using all year to log into i-Ready, MyOn, and StemScopes. If your student is in need of their username and password, please contact me and I will provide it for you.


    On Wednesday, April 1st, my main focus is to have each student log into GOOGLE Classroom which is located on their portal. Click on the Google Classroom Icon from the students portal. You will need to click on JOIN in the top right corner and it will ask you for a Class Code to log into my Google Classroom. Please ask me for the class code!! 


    From the Google classroom, you will have access to the assignments for each week. 1 grade for each subject is to be taken each week so please be sure to take pictures of your childs work and email me the pictures so that it can be graded!



    Attendance - Attendance is still very important during this online learning experience! If the students are using Google Classroom and are active on Iready, MyOn, StemScopes, and Social Studies Weekly, I will be able to see that they were active and they will be marked present for the day. 



    Zoom - I have informed you all to download the ZOOM App. However, this will NOT be our main dashboard (website) we use each day. There will be times when I set up a meeting on ZOOM to talk with the class and I will inform you all of the meeting ID# needed to join the meeting. I will not have that meeting ID# until I set up the meeting. I do plan to zoom with my class so that we can finally see each other after this long unexpected break we have had! I know the students will be thrilled to be able to see their classmates virtually! I will not use ZOOM to teach specific content. The assignments I have assigned for this week and future assignments will be posted here on my Teacher Page under the icon "Assignments" and located in the Google Classroom as well. 



    iReady & MyOn - It is still highly recommended that your child completes their 45-60 minutes in both Math and Reading each week. Please keep it between 45 to 60 minutes. If you go over 60 by a few minutes, that is fine. If you can, set a timer for your child while they are on. During school hours, we would work on iReady daily. You can pace it out how you would like too for your child. Once a student reached his/her 45 minutes in each subject, I would allow them free time on MyOn, ABCYA.com, PBSKIDS.org, Prodigy, or iReady games. Please make sure they are not ONLY playing their iReady games. This does not count toward their time for "Time on Task" and it will not go towards the 45-60 minutes we are suggesting for them to do at home.  


    music       art       pe

     MUSIC           ART             P.E.

    Please visit the specified teacher webpage below for each week for your special area weekly assignments!

     Note: There is only ONE special area PER week !! 

    Week 5 & 8 - Music - April 27-May 1 & May 18-22  - Hayley Christie -  https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/22218

    Week 6 & 9 - ART -  May 4-8 & May 25-June 1 - Veronica Easonhttps://www.marionschools.net/Domain/12731

    Week 7 - P.E -   May 11-15  - Scott Moyer -  https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/12757

     Note from the PE Teacher: "How can students submit their completed activity logs?" 

     "They can download and complete the Word document (preferred method) or take a picture of themselves doing an activity or of the completed activity log and email the document to me.  Whatever is the easiest for them to do."