• Welcome to 6th and 7th Grade Language Arts!


    I am Mrs. Fiessler and I am very excited for the new school year! There are several things that will appear on my webpage. The Language Arts Curriculum will be broken into different Units and Collections. Each Quarter we will be focusing on a new Unit. On the website you will be able to find the specific Unit we are working on in class, due dates for all assignments such as homework, vocabulary, class assignments and  projects. I may from time to time upload photos of something special that we have completed in class!


    The Units in 6th Grade we will be covering are:

    • Collections Unit 3-"Dealing with Disaster"
    • Collections Unit 4-"Making Your Voice Heard"
    • Collections Unit 6-"What Tales Tell"
    • Collections Unit 1-"Facing Fear"


    The units in 7th Grade we will be covering are:

    • Collections Unit 6-"Guided by a Cause"
    • Collections Unit 4-"Risk and Exploration"
    • Collections Unit 2-"Perception and Reality"
    • Collections Unit 1-"Bold Actions"

    I will be assigning homework on a weekly basis which I will also upload on my teacher website. Some of the homework assignments will come from our Close Reader Workbook that ties in with our Collections class book. I will post due dates for these in the calendar section of my webpage. The following shows my contact information via email or telephone:



    352-291-7930 ext. 50672


    I look forward to a wonderful, exciting, and successful school year!




  • Students


    I will be utilizing Google Classroom for your discussion posts and assignments from your student portal. Please make sure you sign in weekly starting April 1st for Attendance. I will be available Monday - Friday via email for both 6th and 7th grade classes.


    I will be answering emails daily. I will also be available by phone for any concerns or questions you may have during the hours of 9-10 A.M. and 2-3 P.M. Please just email me ( I check my email every hour) and I will be happy to call you at the number you leave for me.

    Google Classroom Sign-In Information

    Access for Google Classroom:

    1. Log into your desktop portal

    2. Click Google Apps on the bottom menu

    3. Click the Google Classroom button.  Once the classroom opens, click the "+" button at the top right, and type in the class password.  Following are the class passwords: 

    Period 1 - w3d26jm

    Period 2 - xdvb6iq

    Period 3 - yu4w2wx

    Period 4 - 6yqe7gi

    Period 5 - yidsqod

    Period 6 - gf4m7uo


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  • Students, I miss all of you being in school! Myself included! Families, stay tuned for updates on Online Learning Options! I will post a new announcement as soon as I know more. Stay Safe and Wash Your Hands!

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  • Please click on the link for either the 6th grade or 7th grade welcome letter and behavior contract. This discusses what we will be working on in class, what supplies are requested, and also behavior expectations. This will be sent home with your student the first week of school to be signed and returned. Thank you! 


    Welcome letter 6th grade


    Welcome letter 7th grade

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  • Please start bringing earbuds to school. We will have opportunities to use them for testing as well as class activities.

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