Mr. Eric J. Couch

  • I teach 8th Grade students at Belleview Middle School.  This year I will be teaching both Algebra 1 Honors and Pre-Algebra.

  • Please have your assignments complete by the due dates listed.  Students have reported that KhanAcademy will not let them work on past due assignments.  I am leaving plenty of time between assignments, but you cannot log on once a week and keep up.  View my website and KhanAcademy each day.  Do some work each day. Do not wait until the due date to begin as these lessons have many parts.

    The gradebook for quarter 4 is now active.  I will be posting grades one or two days after the due date.  Students have reported that KhanAcademy lets them complete some assignments more than once.  I will always keep your best grade.

    Don't forget to do 45 minutes of math I-Ready weekly.

    Please make sure you are using your school portal and e-mail to log in.  Some students are using alternate e-mails like yahoo or g-mail.  You may not get credit for your work if you do this.

    I will be sending out progress reports regularly.  They will show your missing assignments ( past due with no grade).


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  • Hello Students and Parents,

    As we begin our distance learning efforts this week, you will receive a lot of information.  You will learn to use some new technology and we will depend heavily on e-mail to communicate.  We are all learning this together.  There will be questions, frustrations, and victories.  Please do not get discouraged and give up!  Most importantly, realize that we are not on vacation.  You will receive at least 12 graded assignments that will become your 4th Quarter grade.  You must keep up with all of your classes and meet all due dates.

    E-mail is the most efficient way to communicate with me as I will be checking it several times between 9:05 am and 3:45 pm daily.

    You may contact me anytime at 

    or you may leave a phone message at 352-671-6235  Ext. 55065.

    Please log in to my teacher website daily beginning Wednesday, April 1 for instructions and assignments.  We will get through this together!

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