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  •                         Hey Y'all!    Hey, My Babies!   

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           I've missed seeing your smiling faces and getting my hugs! Can you even believe all that has transpired in the last couple of weeks? You are truly experiencing history in the making!  Your kids and their kids and so on.....will look to you in the future and ask, "What was it like when the whole world was sick with COVID-19?"  It would be fabulous to read about all of your experiences so, I would love for you to keep a journal with daily entries about what is happening to you.  Watch the news and read about what is going on in our county, state and the U.S.. as well as the world.  Look up the definition of "unprecedented".  That is the adjective that will describe this time in your life.  Keep an eye out for the "unprecedented" things that are happening right now!  Make a list to keep with your journal!  These are things you will cherish when you are older. They are mementos and documentation of a truly incredible time to be alive!!! These things are right up there in history with World Wars. This is even affecting the Earth itself. Google the changes that are happening to the natural world as a result of social distancing and quarantining. AMAZING!!!!!! This isn't an assignment but a challenge! Have fun finding out all about these UNPRECEDENTED times! 

             I will, however, be posting assignments for keeping your brains sharp and ready to come back to school as soon as I can!  During this time of online learning, your schedule will include Iready Reading, Social Studies Weekly, and MyOn.  I'll post some myon books to focus on and a schedule of what to do on S.S. weekly.  I also want you to go on Squiggle Park, (Dreamscapes).  I would like for you to email me (bobbie.wallace@marion.k12.fl.us) and let me know you are okay and able to get on line to this website.  If you can't, please let me know that too! 

             I LOVE YOU GUYS, SOOOOO MUCH!  Please stay safe and healthy!  I look forward to hearing from you, send me some selfies and I'll post them here!!!


    Love, Ms. Wallace 


    ClassDojo allows us as adults to stay in contact, share photos of students' work, and express ideas with instant messaging. I still need several students' parents to accept the invitation to use this website. 





    *My office hours are: 8:30-9:30 a.m. and 12:30-1:30 p.m. This is the time I will be online daily for any questions and also to check assignments from previous day. 

    *This week has been a trial for assignments and making sure all students are able to connect to online learning.  All are connected no except three students in my Homeroom.

    *These student's parents need to connect with me on Class Dojo:  Leigha, Noah, Sofia. This is to enable blanket emails for the whole class at one time.  It is much easier than fielding emails on MCPS. 


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