Miss Evans Superhero CLassroom

Miss Evans Superhero Classroom

  • Welcome Parents and Students

    Please go to Google Classroom (on the students desktop) to view the weekly assignments https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h

    Click on Evans Superhero Class, click on the classwork tab at the top.

    First, view the weekly powerpoint so you can see what the assignments are for that week and directions.

    The assignments will be posted according to the work schedule that is planned out in the Weekly Assignmnets tab.


    I will be keeping track of the student's progress and when they turn in assignments. Please follow the work schedule so you and your student know what to work on and are not doing too much in one day.

    If you have any questions please email me at stephanie.evans@marion.k12.fl.us or message me on ClassDojo.

    Thank you



  • Email: stephanie.evans@marion.k12.fl.us

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