• Child Responsibility at Home

    Special Schedule for Third Grade.

    April 1-3                  Music

    April 6-10                Art

    April 13-17             Drama

    April 20-24             Pe/Dance

    April 27-May 1       Technology

    May 4-8                  TV Productions

    May 11-15              Music

    May 18 - 22            Art

    May 26-29              Drama



    • Monday through Friday:  Read an AR book  or My On book for 20 minutes.
    • Monday through Friday: Complete assignments at home


    Standards for Fourth Quarter:

    Reading Literature and Informational Texts  -  Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts proficiently                     

    Writing -   1. Write third grade quality sentences in response to questions

    2.  Write paragraphs with an introduction, 2-3 description sentences for the body, and conclusion sentence.

    3. Write an essay with introduction paragraph, 2 paragraphs for the body, and conclusion paragraph.

    Math     -     Measurement of time (elapsed time); using data to solve word problems, 

    Science     -   Life Science:  Characteristics used to classify animals; How plants and animals respond to seasonal changes

    Social Studies     -   Cultures of the USA; Economics