Mrs. Shearon

  • Grading update! Tuesday May 12, 2020

    As of May 1, 2020; missing assignments in Social Studies weekly, Common Lit, Go Math tutorials, and Stemscopes will no longer receive an asterick*in the grade book, but will be given a 50. Students can turn in these assignments from May 1 to present, and their grade will be updated. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please contact Mrs. Pendergraft regarding Math and Science questions, and Mrs. Shearon for ELA and Social studies questions. Thank you for your support.




    5th Grade ELA and Social Studies

    Sunday April 26, 2020

    We are moving into our 5th week of distance learning. You are all doing a great job! Here are a couple of reminders:

    1. Please click on the assignments to see exactly what you are to be completing for the week.

    2. Remember that the social studies weekly test opens on Thursdays.

    3. Please email me your journal entries to

    Progress Reports will be posted in skyward on Thursday April 30th. So all work from the first 4 weeks of distance learning needs to be turned is as soon as possible so that I can put it in the gradebook before then.


    Sunday April 12, 2020

    We made it through our 2nd week of distance learning. You are all doing a great job! Parents thank you so much for investing time with your children to help them be successful.

    This week you student will  still have 3 ELA assignments, 1 social studies assignment, and will still need to pass their 2 I -ready reading lessons. Assignments are due next Sunday April 19th.

    If your student is having trouble logging into IXL or common lit, please look at the threads below where you can find the directions. If you still have questions, please reach out to me on DOJO or call me at 352-310-1249.


    Sunday April 5, 2020
    We made it through the first week, thank you for all your support as we navigate this new way of school.

    Starting this week you student will have 3 ELA assignments, 1 social studies assignment, and will still need to pass their 2 I -ready reading lessons. Assignments are due next Sunday April 12th.

    Your students will start using this week to help reinforce some reading standards. To log into IXL, you just need to go to Your students login/username is THEIR firstnamelastname192 (tinashearon192) Their password is their lunch number.

    For social studies they will be reading their social studies weekly online through their portal. On Thursdays I will open up the assessment for them to take. They need to answer the questions as they read through their newspaper.

    If you have not signed up for yet, please do so. The directions are here on class story as well as on my school website. Do not hestate to reachout with any questions. CLick on the assignments tab for specific assignments.


    Monday March 30, 2020

    Good afternoon! This Wednesday, April 1st, students start their official distance learning. This week your student is required to do 1 assignment from ELA. They have until Sunday to complete this. Besides this ELA assignment, remember your student is also responsible for passing 2 lessons in I ready reading. Each morning, we will post a question on DOJO for your student or you to answer. This is how we will take attendance. 

    One of our ELA weekly assignments will be through  . Your student will need to log into to access the assignment. Here are the directions: 

    1. Go to 
    1. Click sign up 
    1. Click I am a student 
    1. Enter the class code for your homeroom onl; Shearon distance YPLZP8 

                                                Pendergraft distance DB7KBR 

    1. On the sign up page fill out: first and last name 

                                                            :password (make it your students lunch number) DO NOT PUT AN EMAIL ADDRESS 

    1. Click submit and make sure you write down your log in and password somewhere. 

    Now you are set up. When you log in, it will take you to the assignments tab. Click on “assignments” and it will show you what the assignment is. Click on the assignment and you can get started . Students will read a text and answer questions along the way. After they have read the entire passage they will answer the assessment questions. Make sure they click submit, this sends their work to me. Students can have the text and questions read to them by clicking the read aloud button. 

    Please remember to check DOJO and my class website daily for any updates.