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Music Distance Learning

  • Welcome to Music Distance Learning! Our music distance learning started Wednesday, April 1st.

    There are music assignments with updated weekly tutorials for all students at Shady Hill in the "Music Classes and Assignments" section, per grade level (links also posted below, scroll down). And there is a Daily Music Challenge for fun (posted on the right), for those of you that just can't get enough music in your life! Also, watch out for fun grade level SH Family Music Dance Parties, coming your way on Zoom and/or LIVE on our website (dates/times TBA)! 


    Distance Learning School hours: 7:45 am - 2:05 pm

    Music Office hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 am 

                                12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


    Contact information:

    Call/text me: on my Google Voice number 352-462-1496

    Message me: on your Music Seesaw account

    E-mail me:

    Email Music Teacher

Music Assignments


  • Spring fine arts Fling 2020 has currently been postponed, until further notice (originally planned for the end of April 2020). More information will be forthcoming.

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Music Mission and Goal

  • The mission of the Shady Hill Music program is to provide a quality and comprehensive music education to all students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. This music education includes singing, playing instruments, moving to music, creating music, performing music, music appreciation, music history, music reading and notating, and much more.  Above all, the overall goal for Shady Hill students is to not only become better musicians and better performing artists, but better human beings. Your elementary student will learn to create and appreciate music in ways that will last a lifetime.

  • Mrs. Collins

Daily Music Challenge!!

  • The Daily Music Challenge is a fun way to expand your musical artistry and put a little music in each day!

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  • Front Door

    Day Four 4/6/20: Make believe that every time you stepped outside you had to sing a song. If you had a "walking out of the house" song that you started to sing each time you left your house, what would it be? Why is that YOUR "going out" song? What would your song say?

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  • music on balcony

    Day Three 4/3/20: People all across the world have been turning to music to help them through this time. Italians have been singing and playing on their balconies, Americans just put on a beautiful tribute concert called the "iHeart Concert for America" to raise money for coronavirus relief, and so many more have used music to help them through each day at home (maybe even you???). 

    What ways have you (or could you) use music to help you? What music do YOU turn to in times like these?

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  • wash hands

    Day Two 4/2/20: Did you know that you should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds (the length of singing the song "Happy Birthday" twice!) to kill germs? Anyone also tired of singing "Happy Birthday"?!?!

    Come up with another song that YOU think we should sing for 20 seconds every time we wash our hands and teach your family members your new "hand washing song!"

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  • Hunt

    Day One 4/1/20: New Virtual "Music Classroom" website Scavenger Hunt! Complete the scavenger hunt of this new online music classroom by finding:

    • At least 3 videos of Arpeggio (there are really 6!) 
    • Mrs. Collins singing "We Are Family"
    • Pictures of your AWESOME Shady Hill Specials team
    • 7 Mrs. Collins bitmojis doing crazy musical things
    • Our Shady Hill family "Greatest Show" music video
    • Your grade level music assignment for this week
    • 5th grade student bonus: 5th grade secret handshake


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