Please use this week to makeup any low grade or makeup for 0's!!!!


    Grading Policies

    Your grade is taken primarily from Reading Plus.  It is the average of your two SRs.

    1. Two green SRs = 100%

    2. Any other combination will be the average of the two.

    3. If you do only 1 SR, then points will be deducted from the score you got on that SR.

    4. If you get low scores on Reading Plus then do IXL for makeup. If you still want to do them then extra credit will be added to any low score in gradebook.

    5. Do IXL in order!! Only those assigned will be looked at for extra credit. At least 80% on any IXL must be earned to get extra credit.

    a. Week 1 -Makeup- Do A1-Determine the Main Idea-4/6-4/12

    b. Week 2-Make up- Do B1-B4-Audience, Purpose and Tone- 4/13- 4/19

    c. Week 3- Makeup- Do C1- C3- Literary Devices -4/20-4/26

    d. Week 4- Make up - Do C4- C-6- Literary Devices-4/27 - 5/3

    e. Week 5- Makeup - Do H1 -H3 -Developing and Aupporting arguments- 5/4 - 5/10

    d. Week 6- Makeup- Do O3-O6- Prefixes and Suffixes

    6. As this is makeup work you can only gain maximum point of 80% for IXL.

    7. Reading Plus is these first, then IXL to makeup for what is missed.

    8. If you still don't have your IXL username and password, then send me an email and I will give those to you.



     Thank you and be safe!! 

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  • Please use ixl to make up missing grades! 

    When you log in click:

    1. Learning
    2. Language Arts
    3. Grade 9 or 10 depending on your grade
    4. Then for this week do A1-Determine the Main Idea.

    Email if you dont have your username and password

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