Welcome to Mrs. Smolarski's Class!

  • All work is posted in my Google Classroom! The codes for each period are posted below. Please go to classroom.google.com, type in the course code for your period, and join the class. You will find all assignments, materials, and information there. 

    Again, welcome! As you know, all work will be completed virtually until May 1. During this time, I expect your best effort! It's hard when things change out of nowhere, but I am hopeful that we will see each other soon. Now, onto business! I will post assignments to Google Classroom, so please turn work in there, instead of over email. This will keep things more organized and ensure your work is graded promptly. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions! You can reach me at Nina.Smolarski@marion.k12.fl.us but please allow 24 hours for a response. I am also available by phone, but you must email me to schedule a call. Please read on for more important information!

    Here are a couple of brief announcements: 

    • There won't be any bellwork or exit tickets during our time away.
    • Please complete all work using Google Docs. Just search the term "google docs" and it will come up. I will also link to it HERE. You do not need to save work on Google Docs, as it is constantly saving for you. HERE is a link to a two minute video that explains how to turn work in on Google Classroom. You must use Google Docs for your work to show up in your Google Drive. 

    Here are the class codes for Google Classroom by period:

    1st: qokg7oz

    2nd: zwexuh6

    3rd: kmnorm7

    4th: 5bs2p5r

    5th: pbnkjgh

    6th: mqrwhc7

    We're all figuring this out together, so please be patient! I miss you guys!