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  • Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    Good Morning All!
    I hope this message finds each of you happy and healthy. I am so pleased with the overall effort given by students the last couple of weeks. Many of you have done an excellent job in keeping up with your assignments. However, if you don't find yourself in that category, no worries. You can jump right in and start now!

    Week One's grades are in. If you haven't noticed, the assignments not completed did not count against you in anyway. You should have also noticed the "Night Selection Test". This test was only designed to help. If your score was under a C, you received your score as a "No Count", which doesn't affect your grade.

    Today, I will input Week Two's assignments. For, this week and hereafter, we have been instructed to put in zeros for uncompleted work. Please keep in mind, your due dates to ensure that you are receiving credit for you work.

    Now let's talk about academic integrity. I know that an on-line platform is tempting when it comes to finding the right answers to your questions. DON'T DO IT! Please submit your thoughts and don't share them with your classmates. Any duplicate answers or answers found online with result in an automatic zero for the entire assignment. Plagiarism is a crime and most of all, it's just plain wrong! You are better than that.

    To help ensure the integrity of this week's assignment, I have added the "Originality" feature in Google Classroom. It will allow you to run a report before submitting and me to run one after. Please follow the instructions noted in the assignments section of Google Classroom.

    As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

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  • April 06, 2020

    Good Morning Parents and Students,

    Please check out the "Assignment Page".  There, you will find this week's assignments.  They are also listed in Google Classroom for your convenience.


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  • Thursday, April 2, 2020

    Good Morning All,

    Most of the versions of Night on Youtube do not include the text.  However, there is one.  I will admit that it is not the best copy but it will work for the purposes of review.  Please copy and paste https://youtu.be/n2MP-zx4YLw for that version.




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  • April 1, 2020

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Please make sure you have viewed this week's assignment.  Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding the assignment. I will be updating the site frequently. It is your responsibility to check the website at least twice a day for updates.

    It is my intention to use a combination of the platforms we already use i.e. Quill, Google Classroom and Holt McDougal with a few new ones like my teacher Webpage, Quizzez and Zoom for instruction. I believe that we have an advantage because we already use software that aligns with the curriculum and allows us to communicate in several different ways.


    That being said, please make sure you have joined your Google classroom.  If you are new to my class, please click on the Google Apps tab found on your MCPS homepage and join your class using the Class Code listed below for your registered class period.

    • 1st-  ykfxnt6
    • 2nd- lhfkzv6
    • 3rd- bd3lgwm
    • 4th- 4afpa3n
    • 5th- h5r2jwc
    • 6th- ooq24ep


    Don't worry! You will find that this week's assignment is pretty easy and straight forward. My plan is to start slow with review and move full steam ahead on Monday. Remember, you will receive further instruction via my MCPS Webpage. I hope this helps to calm your worries. Please feel free to e-mail me at Madelene.James-Kinsler@marion.k12.fl.us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Mrs. Kinsler

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  • Tuesday March 31, 2020

    Blessings Parents and Students,                                                                                                                                             

    Thank you for visiting and I hope this message finds you and your family happy and healthy.  You are in the Right Place!  This will be the platform used to communicate with parents and students as a whole during this time of online learning.  Here you will find assignments and resources for your or your student's English class.   As we are transitioning quickly to the on-line platform, please note that this site will update frequently to provide as much information to parents and students as possible.  It is recommended to check this site frequently to stay current with the latest postings.  

    Per Florida's Department of Education, all public schools remain closed through May 1 due to COVID-19 concerns.  Marion County Public schools will resume classes online beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2020.  Please check this site during your regularly scheduled class time for instruction.  

    I recognize that this is unchartered territory for most of us.  This transition may not be as seamless as we would like it to be.  However, we are capable of making this experience positive and enriching.  Let us all remember to be patient, considerate and attentive!  Academic success is based on growth and that happens over time.  As we embark on this new journey, listed below are a few things you may want to consider before moving forward.

    • Reliable access is essential.  Not all online platforms will work well with all mobile devices.   Be sure to troubleshoot your technology early in the process to insure accessibility.
    • Create a setting.  Have a specific time and place to devote to the lessons and assignments given.  
    • Establish a routine.  Schedule work sessions to allow for breaks as needed.
    • Be accountable.  It is a great practice to partner with a classmate for keeping each other on track.
    • Communicate!  Always, always, always, reach out if you are feeling, lost, confused or overwhelmed.

    I am here to address any questions or concerns you may have. I can be contacted directly at Madelene.James-Kinsler@marion.k12.fl.us.

    Have a great day, do good things and make good decisions! 

    Mrs. Kinsler



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