Welcome to 2nd Grade

  • Welcome to our learning page.  We will be checking in with Zoom at 10am and 1pm daily.  Students can check in at either time to begin with, or both.  Please be patient as we learn this together.  I think it will be a great way for our kids to see each other and communicate.  My best advice right now is to make a schedule for your child.  


    1st thing: log on to your student email account.  This can be reached through your student portal/desktop.  I will be sending out a daily email with a question for you to answer.  Email me back your response.  This will be your attendance for the day.

    8:00 reading lesson/writing lesson/sight word work

    9:00 Prodigy Math/math lesson/math fact practice

    10:00 Zoom meeting

    12:00 lunch

    12:30 silent reading

    1:00 Iready reading and math

    This is just an example.  You can add play breaks and snack time, etc.  I don't expect them to work the entire time.  Most lessons should only take 15 minutes.

    You can reach me at 352-462-3522 during the day.


  • I will be emailing the students everyday with a question to answer.  They will email me back with their answer by 9:45.  I need to have attendance taken by 10am.  This will be how I take attendance every day.  Please make sure your child knows how to access their account.  It is on their student desktop/portal.  It is the orange icon.  They need to type in their email address and password.  There are a few more questions to make sure it is set up correctly.  They can log in daily to talk with me. 

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