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Student Assignments and Records

  • Our Mission Statement : Data Accuracy Insures Success

    The department coordinates federal and state mandates, school board policy and district vision in a comprehensive model of customer-friendly service provision. 

    Our Duties and Responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities currently performed by the Student Assignment and Records Department are extensive:


    District Planning

    • Develop proposals for new school attendance boundaries
    • Develop proposals for revisions to existing school attendance boundaries
    • Develop school attendance area maps
    • Assist training personnel on mapping
    • Liaison with Site Selection Committee
    • Identify locales for future school siting
    • Receive planning documents from city, county and metropolitan planning organization
    • Liaison with state, regional and local planning agencies
    • Assist implementation of new mapping program for transportation
    • Sell school attendance maps to the public
    • Develop or revise School Board Member Districts
    • Student Assignment
    • Student Reassignment
    • State Statute interpretation
    • State Board Rule interpretation
    • School Board Policy interpretation
    • School Board Policy development and revision (as relates to MIS/planning/student assignment)

    Manage all student records -- (past & present):

    • State liaison for local records management.
    • Maintain and manage records archive at four sites throughout the district
    • Retrieve archived records in response to requests for transcripts, social security, etc.
    • Manage authorized destruction of confidential and other records
    • Process (copying, mailing) student record requests from other school districts
    • Process (copying, mailing) student record requests from higher education agencies
    • Conversion of existing records into optical disk storage
    • Process individual walk-in requests for transcripts / educational
    • Process agency requests for directory information
    • Process Military recruitment requests for directory information
    • Process individual requests for directory information
    • Process records in accordance with subpoena duces tecum for court proceedings
    • Testify to the authenticity of records produced in accordance with subpoena duces tecum
    • Management and storage for district financial records
    • Management and archive for district personnel records

    District Mailroom operation & management

    • Metered postage
    • Information on bulk mailing only
    • Receipt and distribute all delivery services (UPS, FedEx etc.)
    • Collection and distribution of all courier mail

    DOE Forms Control liaison

    • Maintain district forms
    • Manage numbering system for forms revisions / new forms
    • New Forms Development and/or design
    • Chairperson, Instructional Calendar Committee 

Contact Information

  • Tony Burke, Supervisor
    Special Reassignments and Planning


    Stanley Jacobs, Jr., Reassignment Specialist
    Student Assignments, Mapping, and Forms


    Julie Liles
    Records and Mail Room


    Sara Sleep
    Records and Mail Room


    Jakea Snowden
    Mail Room and Records


    Michael Linnhoff
    Records Destruction, Missing Children, and Attendance Driver's License Suspensions