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  • About 21st Century Community Learning Centers

    "When a 21st Century program is done right, it is often the very best think in a child's life."  This credo, oft-repeated in Florida, clearly defines the importance of the 21st Century Leaning Centers (CCLC) to our nation's school children.  Florida is working hard to make this belief a reality for 80,000 young people and their families in hundreds of sites across the state.  The success of the 21st CCLC, and the afterschool and summer programs they fund, does not happen by accident across a state. 


    They need to have three critical components:

    • Inspired programming
    • Well-structured and diverse program offerings
    • Results-oriented focus

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    21st cclc

    Dr. Anna DeWese

    Director of Grants and Federal Programs


    Cathy Gallagher

    Project Director


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